Aug 1, 2007

Zeitgeist Climate Change

While climate debates have caused controversy in America's churches, Swiss Christians don't question the culprit of climate change, at least for now.

During the 1st Christian Climate Forum of Switzerland, held in Aarau on June 2, 2007, Professor Thomas Stocker of the University of Berne, Switzerland, one of the key climate researchers contributing to the 4th Assessment Report of the Intergovernal Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), described the cause of climate change as a "non disputable scientific insight". "These insights have to be acknowledged with great respect", said Peter Hennig, Headmaster at the Theological Seminary (TDS) in Aarau, according to the daily newspaper "Schaffhauser Nachrichten". There not only seemed to be unity on a simple evidence of climate change and its human contribution, but even unity to accept the global socio-economic horror scenarios as portrayed during the forum. "250 to 550 Millions of additional people will suffer from a lack of food as a result of this climate change", declared Gerhard Baertschi, Tear Fund. After his non disputed speach, a Swiss businessman and advocate for environmental technologies knew the right medicine already. Bottomline, there was no serious debate, any critical questions raised where not given room for further clarification. The whole event ended up being so smooth - in the analysis of the impacts of climate change as well as in the actions that should be taken to solve it, according to an observer of a christian political party.

Wait a minute, there are at least two christian magazines which try to see beyond this green-shaded Gospel. Could all the worldwide efforts to solve climate change that are now spreading as U.N. and G8 induced umbrella action plans over the heated atmosphere (at least politically) finally make things worse? Please read more here.

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