Aug 25, 2007

Separating Facts from Propaganda

Recently, I met a fundrasing team from Caritas Switzerland. I had my answer (or excuse) ready. Well, for one thing there are so many good projects - Christian, humanitarian, ecological or a package deal of them all - which I would like to support if only I had the budget. So I told the lady that. But I also took the chance to vent out some of my concern about how Caritas uses climate propaganda to justify the support of Darfur. Let me put this straight. Caritas is doing a great job to help those refuges. The Sahel is a zone sensitive to climate change of any kind, no doubt about that. But it is even more sensitive to the ongoing civil war. Personally, I would recommend the support through CSI. My point is to just stick to the truth when raising funds. Fact is that Darfur was not the main topic during the worst drought in the eighties. Since that drought, the world's temperatures kept rising. The CO2 level went up. During the present civil war around the Darfur camp and in Sudan in general, the seasonal rains have increased and the plant growth has accelerated according to CO2 Science. So whom should I believe? Caritas who claims that the increase in global temperature will lead to less rain and food in the Sudan-Sahel? Recent news suggested just the opposite. There was widespread flooding in Sudan this year. So we simply don't know the effect on more carbon hydrate in the atmosphere on the Sahelian zone in particular, so I replied. Period. The lady was nice and understanding. God bless her.

We don't even know for sure how much the influence of the sun and cosmic rays are on our planet, cloud formation, sea surface and land surface temperature. There is ongoing research in various fields. For more information click Science Direct

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