Sep 6, 2007

The Science is Settled in Switzerland

There is no doubt that climate has changed dramatically in Switzerland during the past decades. 2003 was a freakin' hot summer and 2006 was the hottest year on record. Glaciers melt at record speed. No wonder you'll probably have a hard time to interview a climate scientist here who calls himself a global warming skeptic.

The first national climate forum was held in Switzerland today. Since the science on climate change is settled in this country, "big steps" are to be taken according to organizer Peter Staehli (to Baz Online). The climate forum offered a platform to various groups in politics, economy and science to seek solutions for energy and climate protection issues. 13 Universities were represented in the so-called "NFS Klima" (national climate research). The University of Berne and the faculty of Professor Thomas Stocker, ice core researcher and final editor in the IPCC reports, were represented as the scientific head during this forum, whereas Bundesrat (minister) Samuel Schmid took part as the political head. Stocker predicted a rise in temperature of about 5°C as seen later in the news on Swiss TV channel SF1. But Schmid pleaded for just small steps, no big activism to try to save the planet in one go, as he said.

The climate alarmists prevail in Switzerland whatsoever. They fear impacts in tourism, safety and agriculture, with glaciers as water reserves melting, rocks crumbling, mud sliding, ski resorts closing and the town of Lyss being flooded for the 3rd time within 3 months. Aren't we biased regarding global warming?! No wonder, international calibers were present such as the German minister Klaus Toepfer and of course AL GORE! Well actually, the former U.S. Vice-President has just improved his personal eco-balance. He visited Switzerland by video this time.

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alvinwriter said...

The impact of warming on tourism and tourist attractions is valid. For instance, glaciers that once were safe for tourists to visit are now off limits because of crevasses and breaking ice. Interestingly, due to the melting, glaciers are now revealing secrets they have held back for a long time. Anthropogenic or not, the Earth's environment is really changing.

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